We provide honest food

Honest and hygienic
production space

    • HA
      (Hazard Analysis)
    • Analysis of biological, chemical, and physical hazards
      such as pathogenic microorganisms that may occur in raw materials and processes
    • CCP
      (Critical Control Point)
    • Critical control of a process or step that can prevent,
      eliminate, or reduce a hazard to an acceptable level
  • Good red pepper powder is made
    only with good ingredients and technology.

  • Production

    The most important
    process of making
    good red pepper powder

    • HACCP Certificate

    • Pesticide residue test report

    • Pesticide residue test report

    • Self Quality Inspection Report

Premium red pepper
powder to add flavor

Periodic quality inspection and
pesticide residue inspection completed!

We only sell reliable food.

  • Periodic
    self-quality inspection

    In order to produce hygienic and high-quality red pepper powder as well as Haccp certification, in the 1st step, we remove iron powder using 16 magnets with more than 10,000 GAUSS, and in the 2nd step, sterilize microorganisms and mold with a 3-stage UV sterilizer, and in the last 3rd step, inspect the remaining foreign substances once more by using a metal detector.

    In addition, we regularly request the CESCO Test and Analysis Center once every three months to conduct self-quality inspection, and we are making efforts to make safer products by requesting inspections from external agencies such as effectiveness and pesticide residue tests.

  • Request for pesticide residue test in collaboration
    with Suncheon University Eco-Agricultural Center

    As a result of requesting a pesticide residue test in collaboration with the Sunchon University Eco-Agricultural Center, the detection result was found to be suitable as it was significantly lower than the residual tolerance standards in 14 components.