Healthy and delicious Oseo-ri red pepper powder

Efficacy and nutritional information
of red pepper powder

Basic nutritional information for red pepper powder

100g of red pepper powder has 314kcal, consisting of 16.76g of fat, 54.66g of carbohydrate, 12.26g of protein, and 34.2g of dietary fiber

  • 9 benefits of red peppers
    you must know?

  • Obesity Prevention and Weight Loss

    The capsaicin component of red pepper has the effect of breaking down and burning body fat. It is also low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, giving a high feeling of satiety, so it is a good addition to the diet.

  • Cold Prevention

    Red pepper contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, helping to prevent colds. It is also effective in improving and restoring resistance and immunity in the respiratory system.

  • Blood Circulation

    Capsaicin helps not only diet but also blood circulation. Capsaicin improves blood circulation, relieves symptoms such as neuralgia and arthritis, and warms the body.

  • Stress Relief

    Capsaicin, which has a pungent taste, stimulates the brain to release endorphins, a natural painkiller. This is excellent for relieving stress.

  • Digestion

    Red pepper is recommended for those who have difficulty digesting food. Red pepper, which has a hot nature, is a very good food for people who often experience digestive problems due to cold body.

  • Eye Protection

    Vitamin E and vitamin C contained in red pepper have the effect of helping to improve eyesight. Beta-carotene also helps improve night blindness.

  • Anti-aging

    Beta-carotene and vitamin E, antioxidants contained in large amounts in red pepper, have antioxidant action to remove free radicals in the body, helping to prevent aging, cell oxidation and dementia.

  • Skin Beauty

    The vitamin C contained in red pepper, which is 18 times that of apples, improves skin troubles such as spots and blemishes and helps skin beautify.

  • Hypertension Improvement

    According to a study, when capsaicin is ingested, a substance called a peptide related to calcitonin gene is released from the terminal of the sensory nerve through stimulation, and this substance improves high blood pressure.